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  • License type: Shareware
  • Version: 10.37
  • Date Updated: 2011-11-19
  • Developer: dsbglobal

DOS Printer 10.37 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Dos Printer can be used to print from Dos Programs to ANY windows printing device!

Dos Printer installs a special printer driver onto the lpt1: port. When a print job is detected in the queue, Dos Printer steals it, converts it to a text file, and then processes and prints it using WINDOWS mechanisms to any WINDOWS printer that you specify.

It can also monitor for the presence of up to 4 different file names (wildcards allowed) and send them to different printers based on the file name!

It acts just like a "virtual printer driver".

It can also create pdf files, and email them.

Features ...

- Email directly from DOS !

- Fax directly from DOS ! (you need a Fax Printer driver)

- Create Virtual Letterhead to use as a background for your report

- Automatic font sizing

- everything is converted to courier font so all your columns line up

- EPSON escape codes are used to apply larger, smaller, bold, underline etc even in the middle of a line!!!!

- Those pesky double lines that seem to turn up as Italic E's and similar characters are converted to their nearest courier equivalent.

- Extensive Help File

- Doesn't take focus if program run in DOS window

- Adjustable Line Height !!

- You can now print a specified file without deleting it !

- DOS Printer supports different paper sizes.

- You can use wildcards in the filename. For example, DOS Printer can be set to print all c:\report\*.txt files

- You can specify a left margin (Some printers can't print very close to the left margin)

- You can specify a default character spacing (print condensed reports with no printer control codes needed!)

-Many other features, and if it doesn't have what you want, just ask!!

New in version 11 - embed codes in your document that tell Dos Printer what to do with the file (include letterhead, email it etc ...)

DOS Printer 10.37 Free Download screenshot